We help greenhouses & outdoor ornamentals stay pest-free.

About Us

Eco Habitat Agri Services was founded in 1998 in response to the growing issue around pest resistance to pesticides. Utilizing a vast network of research contacts, and adapting biocontrol techniques use in greenhouse vegetables, Eco Habitat established itself as a pioneering leader in IPM in greenhouse and outdoor ormamentals.

Through its weekly scouting service, growers have learned to depend on the recommendations given by Eco Habitat experts to lower costs, save labour and

reduce toxicity in their crops. The targeted and timed approach to pest managment has reduced pesticide use by over 90 percent effective environment. Since the formation of the company they have developed into the authority for IPM solutions throughout the horticulture industry.

What we do

Here`s what we do to help greenhouses & outdoor ornamentals get rid of their pests & maintain a pest-free environment.


Our workshops cover best practices & how to apply them practically, completely to your greenhouse's setup.

Weekly Scouting

Weekly checkups and solutions to your issues.

Biocontrol Program Evaluation

We help you setup a biocontrol program, and evaluate it.

Crop Rescue

We offer our expertise to growers experiencing overwhelming pest problems in their facilities.

Contact Us

Get help with your greenhouse or outdoor ornamental, ask a question, or book a meeting.